Simply download the code to the right and your ready to go.

Be warned! Running this on your server (other than the link provided on the demo page) may slow down or crash your server - details provided to your right.

AntiSPAM details:

Cut-and-pasting the line above is all you need to do to help the antispam effort. If you would like the actual code, here it is: ANTISPAM.

You should be aware that running this code on your server may slow down or crash some systems, here's why:

As the [email protected] bot follows the antispam code, it is send into an infinite loop which may cause it to continually hit your server. This constant grabbing of the antispam page may cause some systems to slow down to the point of being unresponsive.

Just something to keep in mind when you install the code. If you are not into programming, you may not want to install this code.

To help in the antispam effort, all that is needed is for you to paste the link provided on our demo page to your server; the link instructs the bot to visit our antispam page and our server will do the rest.