[email protected] is one of the world's biggest problems and although a full proof solution has yet to be found, you can fight back.

Anti-Spam won't stop [email protected], but it will make a [email protected]'s life miserable!

Anti-Spam fights Bots!

The purpose of Anti-Spam is to make it so [email protected] attempting to collect email addresses off the web, via programs, will end up with worthless data that can not be sold.

Anti-Spam works because [email protected] bots collect our cleverly crafted 'fake' email addresses and adds them to their database effectively making the [email protected]'s database worthless.

When a company tries to sell the addresses, the purchaser will discover that the list is junk and move on; so, not only did Anti-Spam ruin the sale, but it may have saved valid email addresses from being placed on a [email protected] list. MORE